Monday, March 18, 2013

Yet another week later...

...and it is a bud no more.
The Orange Muscat vines are definitely up and running for 2013. When I left for work today, the vines were backlit by the early morning sun which made their youthful, green-fuzziness very obvious.  Next week, this same leaf-clusterette will probably have grown up to be a 3 inch shoot. babies.


NHwineman said...

Vinogirl: "" connectedness!

Thomas said...


Are you trying to rub it in on us FLakes people?

We had two inches of snowfall yesterday!

About Last Weekend said...

That fresh green must be such a delight. Could not believe the weather there over Sat night - 75 degrees. Our friends from New Jersey wanted to move there toot sweet but I suppose you hear that ALL the time!

Vinogirl said...

NHW: Got to keep you up to date :)

Tomasso: Brrrr!

ALW: I speak with a fair amount of people who'd like to move here, yes.
Glad you enjoyed your visit.