Sunday, March 24, 2013


Sorry, no time to blog.  As fast as I can prune the Syrah, the buds are bursting that little bit faster.  I'm back in work tomorrow. Help!
Anyhow, had a great birthday. Vinomaker made the whole day a lot of fun; a couple of wine tastings (in Sonoma), lunch at the Oxbow Public Market (a crab taco), a Kara's Cupcakes passion fruit cupcake (which has become a tradition) and last, but not least, dinner at yet another restaurant we haven't tried before. Tarla Mediterranean Grill, located in the trendy-ish west end of 1st Street, downtown Napa, is a rather small restaurant, but they look like they are currently expanding into the next unit.  They need to, people are packed in like sardines - and loud?  Yikes!
Wine list was a little small, but we settled on a inexpensive imported white, Boutari's Elios, an interesting blend of 50% Moscofilero, 30% Chardonnay (what?), 10% Roditis and 10% Savatiano.  Paired well with my Spanakopita appetiser, not so good with the dolma, but went great with my diver scallops and shrimp entrée (spot a theme here?  Crab? Scallops?  Shrimp?  My birthday happened to fall on a Friday in Lent). Dessert was baklava with vanilla gelato, paired with Bonny Doon's Vinferno, a blend of 51% Grenache blanc and 49% Roussanne (produced using an Amarone-like process)...yum!  All yum!
Thank you Vinomaker for my busy birthday day.  I was pooped at the end of it, but a good pooped.  Ta la!


Thud said...

Not a bad day in all hey?

Thomas said...

With a schedule like that, it's a good thing you're still young.

Vinogirl said...

Thud: It was a good day :)

Tomasso: Well, y'know, it's easy to do all this stuff when one turns 29 (again).

NHwineman said...

Vinogirl, chop-chop!

Thomas said...


If you stay in the air, flying counterclockwise around the world you keep losing years...

Better still, on each birthday subtract a year instead of adding one.