Friday, March 15, 2013

Get a move on!

The folks at Far Niente, who usually perform their vineyard operations like clockwork, seem to be a bit behind this year.  Or maybe this spell of warm weather - it reached 80° here on Wednesday - took them by surprise.  Whatever the reason, this was how Far Niente's Chardonnay vineyard looked this morning when I walked the Vinodogs.  By this afternoon's walk, a pruning crew was busy giving each vine a flattop.
Pre-pruned earlier in the winter, these vines are displaying what in plant physiology is known as apical  And I may have mentioned it before, delaying pruning as long as possible can help to retard budbreak which can aid in the avoidance of injury to the new, baby budettes from spring frosts.  I expect to hear Far Niente's frost-protection fans strike up, (usually about 3 a.m.), in the not too distant future.


NHwineman said...

Ah, budettes, those spring-green attired cheerleaders of team Far Niente, for me the reining champs of Cali Chardonnay!
Vinogirl, I am always amazed at how you can look through that D3100and open my eyes-up in NH and bring me to California.

About Last Weekend said...

Yes get cracking you little buds! We are up in Napa for 24 hours tonight - to see one of kevin's old friends. Wish we could meet up - next time when we're there for longer? (I cannot believe how booked up the hotels get there)

Vinogirl said...

NHW: Love the cheer-leading metaphor :)
That would be my old, trusty D50 opening your eyes up.

ALW: In the next 24 hours, if you see a mad English woman running around with secateurs, a pair of loppers, a laundry basket, grocery bags and two dogs, wave, it'll be me!

Craig Justice said...

We are in full bud break down here. The first buds emerged two weeks ago, and with the "heat wave" this past week things are taking off. Cheers!

Vinogirl said...

Craig: Hi there stranger!
Well, it is just so much warmer down in San Diego than here in chilly Vinoland. I do not have one single California Poppy blooming yet, whilst elsewhere they have been blooming since January!
Why is it that I can no longer access your profile or blog?