Sunday, July 25, 2010

Paws for thought.

This afternoon, Vinomaker and I attended the 2010 Cause for the Paws. I must admit it wasn't quite as much fun as last year, however this year the weather was more cooperative - it was a fair bit cooler and so overall it was a most enjoyable day. This event, benefiting Napa Humane, is another fantastic opportunity to taste some of the best wines that Napa and Sonoma have to offer, all in one location. The wineries that participate are very generous in donating their time and copious amounts of wine to this worthy cause.
I took some photographs of several of the dogs that were up for adoption and were being walked around by volunteers at the event. But the poor poochies looked too depressed for me to employ one of their images for this post. Instead, I chose to use a photo of one of the more whimsical wine labels on display, gracing a fairly decent bottle of Sauvignon blanc from Mutt Lynch Winery. The label announces, "...she's amazing, she's eccentric, some might say she's barking mad..." This could have been written about me!
I don't know why people buy pedigree puppies when there are so many abandoned, hapless dogs out in the world that are in need of a good home. Just a thought. Aside from me not wanting to aid in the perpetuation of problems caused by unsound breeding practices and being complicit in keeping disreputable puppy-mills in business, I will always choose a mongrel over a pedigree for many other reasons. Lest you think me altruistic and principled, let me assure you that my intentions are purely selfish. As a rule mongrels generally live longer, are healthier, and for me are more entertaining than a recognised breed, (you just don't know exactly how that funny little bundle of fluff is going to grow up.) I want the current, and future, incarnations of Vinodogs to be around for as long as canine-ly possible.


Affer said...

Wasn't FiFi Le Blanc a French Poodle in 'Lady and the Tramp'**? If not, she should have been!

** Bet you cried.....!!

Vinogirl said...

Affer: I have only seen a few Disney animations** and that was not one of them.

**I did cry at Bambi.

Francine said...

I would buy this for the label!

Vinogirl said...

Francine, this winery makes two other wines that I initially bought because I liked the labels; 'Portrait of a Mutt' and 'Canis Major'...both great Zinfandels.
Thanks for visiting Vinsanity.

phlegmfatale said...

Ditto on the mutt thingie. My first dog of 17 years was a Jack Russell Terrier, as was my second, Miss Praline. I got rescue-pup Chuy as a companion for her and he turned out to be my little soul-mate doggie and the dog that all other dogs were leading to. I'm still besotted with my Praline, but Chuy is the best of two breeds, and you can't buy or engineer the kind of connection I have with him. I'm thankful that life brought me to the pass where I have him, and I'm sold on mutts. And yes, so many good dogs and cats are just longing for a chance to be part of a family.

A very good cause, indeed. :) I'm glad to know folks are devoted to helping orphaned pets find their way into new homes.

Vinogirl said...

Phlemmy, it was hard for me not to want to take all the dogs there, in need of homes, home with me!