Friday, July 09, 2010

Plump it up!

Fruit set in Vinoland's Pinot gris block seems to have been very successful in 2010: the fruit looks fabulous.
The vines are nearing a transitional period right now - moving away from the stage when vegetal growth dominates to the stage that favours the enlargement and maturation of the fruit. I never get bored with observing the entire process.
Vinomaker is out in the vineyard applying the final sulphur application for this year (for which he is very grateful.) He went to a meeting last night about the European Grapevine moth, so I need to debrief him as to the latest on this bothersome's a war out there people!


Thud said...

I keep thinking this is some sort of dig at me!

monkey said...

ill haave to show you the lastest pics of thuds vines. the second seems to have had a massive lease of life.

Guy said...

small world - in an English Vineyard we are worried about Moths (Light Brown Apple ones) spraying sulphur but, in spite of the driest summer since 1976 - we are still decidely vegetal - pea I think

Vinogirl said...

Guy, welcome to Vinsanity. Here in Napa they were once worried about the LBAM, but the threat of sure crop destruction by the EVGM has taken precedence over lesser moths!