Friday, July 30, 2010

Seize the day.

After a long, hot afternoon in the vineyard, I was ready for a glass of something cold. So off Vinomaker and I went to experience happy hour in a new wine bar in downtown Napa, Carpe Diem.
We had such a good time; we partook in a quick, New Zealand versus Napa, Sauvignon blanc taste-off (we nailed it), had some great bar appetizers (Kobe corn dogs, anyone?), and tasted a few unusual wines (by the glass) that we might not have otherwise experimented with. We were taken care of by the cheerful, capable and lovely Stephanie, a co-owner in this welcome addition to the city of Napa.
I sincerely hope Stephanie and her partners are successful with their new business venture, these young entrepreneurs deserve to succeed.


monkey said...

happy hour eh, hmmm thats the brit in ya

Percy Weiper said...

Californians always have to have intellectual-sounding pseudo Latin names for their bars. Why not just call it The Ten Carps?

Vinogirl said...

Monkey: It was a very happy 2 hours actually!

Percy: My other choice was a glass of 'Lazy Summer Hefe' or 'Tail Waggin' Amber Ale' at Downtown Joe's...nothing pseudo Latin about that!

Craig Justice said...

Hot day in the vineyard? What's going on with the weather? Hot up there, and in Southern California we're freezing. Perhaps with the new climate, we should be growing Pinot Noir? Cheers, and may all of your hours be happy.

Vinogirl said...

Craig, I'm English...anything over 75 is hot to me!
It really has been a COLD growing season...5 consecutive months of below average temps!