Saturday, July 17, 2010

Home Winemakers Classic 2010.

Vinomaker, my mother and I attended the 28th annual Home Winemakers Classic which was hosted at a new locale this year, an event facility in the town of Yountville.
This annual charity fundraiser attracts a lot of people. I personally found the wine-tasting area at the new venue to be a little awkward to navigate because the flow of the crowd was interrupted by tables at right angles to each other. However, the best thing about the move, from St. Supery Winery to the Groezinger Estate, was that the silent auction wine lots were now indoors... in air-conditioning, a much needed improvement over previous years when temps got so high that the corks in many of the bottles on display had pushed out up to half an inch. Who would want to bid on such potentially spoiled wines?
Vinomaker picked up a little something in the silent auction as he likes to support worthy causes such as the Dry Creek - Lokoya VFD...or maybe it was the swift elbow to his ribs!


Vinomaker said...

Not only is this a fun event but it provides me an opportunity to taste wines made by other home winemakers and pick their brains about their techniques. With more than a dozen harvests behind me, I don't usually find any new ideas but I am always impressed with the enthusiasm of the newer members. Most of the exhibitors offer several red wines but the real test comes from those who attempt white wine making. This year my hat is off to the superbly crafted Sauvignon Blanc I tasted!

Vinogirl said...

It's a great event, I look forward to it every year.