Monday, December 31, 2012

Wishing you a bubbly New Year!

Although I advocate the consumption of Champagne and sparkling wine at any old time, there is no denying that imbibing in a glass, or three, of something bubbly on a special occasion heightens the enjoyment of that particular festivity.  So as I embark on my annual New Year's Eve bubbly tasting, I want to raise my glass and wish you all a happy and safe New Year and the continued enjoyment of your favourite wines, the nectar of the vine, all the way through 2013.  Cheers!


Thud said...

cheers ears

NHwineman said...

V-girl, or should I call you "Bubbles";-) I had my fizz; no disappointment for me.
R-we having fun yet!

Thud, is "cheers ears" an English expression or does it just rhyme?
Harry New Year to u too!

Thud said...


Vinogirl said...

Thud: Cheers!

NHW: Wasn't Bubbles a chimp? I'll stick with Vinogirl :)