Friday, December 21, 2012

Red sky at night... sky in the morning, Mayans warning?
On this the winter solstice, I was pleased to see that dawn in Vinoland was a rather spectacular affair.  A camera lens does not do it justice.  The ensuing rainy morning did not deter me from heading north, out of Napa, to go and do some sparkling wine shopping.  Joined by quite a few of my co-workers (and with a quick tasting thrown in), quite a bit of the bubbly stuff exited chosen winery - a 50% discount will bring people out en masse.
Afterwards, whilst running some errands I learned that I had scored the highest in my Wines of the World final - a whopping 98%, whoo hoo!  That, along with a mixed case of Mumm Napa Valley's finest bubbly, made Vinogirl one very chuffed vine-nerd. It was a good day.
Now, if the Mayan's are to be believed, I really should drink all 12 bottles before midnight.  Or maybe I'll save some for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day...


NHwineman said...

V-girl, you have the passion!
I'm sure there is natural DNA in you that amps the predilection toward wine mingled with a taxonomic approach! A winning combinant ;-)

Thomas said...

98! Go gettem, VG.

We awakened this first full day of winter and outside we saw that winter had arrived. After an uncommonly warm autumn, today is a veritable Irving Berlin promise land--six inches of white and windy as all get out.

As of today, we gain 1.25 minutes of daylight each day. By New Year's day, we will have another 12 minutes more daily daylight; by the end of January, almost 40 minutes will be added to that. How's that for optimism in the face of winter?

Thud said...

birkenheads alight

Vinogirl said...

NHW: Dunno 'bout that...can't even pronounce taxonomy!

Tomasso: Brrrr...but I'm jealous, horrible rain here.

Thud: As seen from your old gaff no doubt.

NHwineman said...

Thomas said: "How's that for optimism in the face of winter?"

I needed to hear that:-)
The older I get, the more difficult it is to manage the cold, the Big snows (4 or more inches), but just thinking that March will be here lightens the burden.