Sunday, February 28, 2010

Suck it up!

I finished pruning Vinoland's white grape varietals today (this is a Pinot gris bud).
Looks like I was just in time. The ground is apparently warming up and signalling to the grapevines to get on with bud break. It hasn't been a very cold winter so it doesn't really surprise me to see something that looks suspiciously like bud-swelling in the Orange muscat. It is all a bit bothersome though, as now I have to worry about frost.
In a neighbouring vineyard a mechanic was tinkering with a large fan ensuring sure that it will run when needed, as all the fans in the valley have not been used since last April. Spring is truly just around the corner!


Thomas said...

You have to stop teasing us East Coasters with the promise of spring. It isn't a nice thing to do ;)

Vinogirl said...

Thomas, if you think it's warm in Napa check out the Feb 20th post on this blog: