Thursday, February 18, 2010


A doe decided to expire in the culvert right outside Vinoland's gate. I am pretty sure she was dispatched by a neighbour's automobile and just didn't trip and break her neck. Whatever the cause of her demise was, it's a bit of a problem for Vinomaker and me because Napa County animal control will not come up a private drive to remove road-kill. Mother Nature will have to run her course, if you know what I mean?


Weston said...

just dump it on the road! why wont they take it away? crazy

Affer said...

Why can't you butcher it, and eat it?

Thud said...

Those vultures that spy on me on my vists will make short shrift of bambi.

Wartime Housewife said...

If you do 'grollick' the deer, make sure you get its liver out quickly. I believe they become toxic.

Sip with Me! said...

Bummer! Not only a loss, but also a waste. I have some dear (pun intended) friends who would have made a fine venison stew and wouldn't have let any of it go to waste, not even that liver!

Vinogirl said...

Weston: We are quite far out of town, and on a private driveway also.

Affer: Are you kidding me, the neighbour kid bent down to look at it and got covered in fleas...I wasn't going near that thing!

Thud: You must look tasty...or something.

WH: Maybe I could get Affer over here to do it.

Sip with Me: Deer are not in short supply around here, believe me.