Thursday, February 11, 2010

Through the winery window.

The 2009 Sauvignon blanc is currently being bottled at the winery. It's a fast paced and noisy, but eminently fascinating winery operation. I am mesmerised by the bottle-filler every time I wander through the cellar. Approximately 2000 bottles are filled, labelled and packed into cases each day. The Sauvignon blanc is my very favourite wine to watch being bottled, as the entire process can be witnessed through the almost clear glass. Many wineries do not have the luxury of their own bottling line, whether due to size or economics, and must resort to having their product bottled at a custom crush facility or by a hired mobile bottling service that will come to their premises.
I have always enjoyed seeing food items being manufactured and packaged for sale. Perhaps this fascination has it's origin back in my formative years watching such presenters as Brian Cant on Play School, the children's programme that often featured a sweet, or a biscuit factory's production line (through the round, square or arched window), churning out tiddler-tantalising confections. For me, a wine bottling line is just the adult version.
Photo courtesy of a co-worker.


Lord Roby said...

Did they ever do a tour of Bassetts?
I guess it takes Allsorts!!!

Thud said...

We have a mobile unbottling system....called Lord roby.

Weston said...

its like watching Mr Rogers, when he goes to the factory on how items are made so fascinating I bet I could watch bottle be filled and ton all automatica for hours, will a glass of wine of course

Wartime Housewife said...

I think it must be wonderful to be able to make something that you see from start to finish. So many people never see the results of their labour,no end product and I'm sure that's why so many people are disatisfied in their work (or lives for that matter). Well done. Carry on.

Vinogirl said...

Lord Roby: I wish I could type the sound of a hi-hat. Will have to settle for a Basil Brush-like, Boom! Boom!

Thud: I've seen that in action first hand...quite a machine!

Weston: Mr. Rogers frightens me!!!!

WH: It is cool, like making furniture I would imagine. Vinoland's production is a little smaller, but just as satisfying.