Friday, February 05, 2010

Snip, snip.

Bored with my biology homework, I decided to start pruning this afternoon. Vinomaker kindly sharpened my pruning shears while I had lunch and then, with my trusty Felcos in hand, I was off out into the February sunshine to take a little something off the top of Vinoland's Orange muscat vines. These vines are still relatively young so they aren't much to look at yet...but Vinogirl and time will take care of that.


Affer said...

New gloves too? Is there no end to the expense?

Vinomaker said...

Affer - Actually the gloves are not new, but unused up to this season. Vinogirl is very thrifty and the last pair more resembled petrified hobo mitts before being discarded. It is true, however, that she does not compromise with the pruning sheers because they will have a lot of precision work to do before growing season begins.

Vinogirl said...

Affer: It's just like Vinomaker said, the gloves aren't exactly new. Yes, the old ones did indeed look like they had rigamortis, but they were comfy. However, the left hand glove was hacked to hell, from over zealous pruning, and sadly had to be retired.