Monday, March 01, 2010

Dewi Sant.

Happy St. David's Day to all whether you have any Welsh heritage or not.
The daffodils in Vinoland are almost past their best so it was a little difficult to find one to photograph. But I wandered around, in a lonely sort of way, until I came upon a host of golden narcissi beneath the trees at the front of the house.
Bore da!


Thud said...

how dare you unveil or Welsh heritage to the blogging is a family shame!

Weston said...

getting daffodil up here! in Vancouver Canada then again if you watched the Winter Olympics then you would of seen the awesomeness of Vancouver

mark oneill said...

Lets hope theres a nice pic of a lovely bunch of shamrock come 17 March!

Lord Roby said...

Lord Roby has some Welsh in him too,as well as the obligatory Irish and a large chunk of German to boot.Since you mentioned Wordsworth;you reminded me of a very interesting tale about him and a well known mutineer.Watch my blog for the next installment!!

Vinogirl said...

Thud: I merely confirmed it on your blog :)

Weston: The NBC coverage of the Olympics was abysmal, but I watched anyway cos I love snow.

Mark: I don't know if my big brother will let me reveal anything else about our heritage!!!

Lord Roby: Oh, for crying out loud! Don't tell me Wordsworth was an Evertonian too!

Lord Roby said...

No.Unfortunately both Wordsworth and Fletcher Christian had died before our birth.But,Che Guevara was(his dad was Irish too!)