Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is just around the corner.

Daylight Savings Time began on Sunday, so the past two days after I have gotten home from work, and the Vinodogs have been walked, I have been doing some pruning. I am way behind in the vineyard but I hope to be caught up by this weekend.
We are having such stunning weather right now that I am enjoying just being out and about in the Napa Valley. Everything is blooming like crazy, including these Bradford Pear trees (Pyrus calleryiana) that circle the pond at the Screaming Eagle vineyard in Oakville. They are actually much more impressive in their autumn colours but it will be spring this weekend so who cares about that dreary, old autumnal equinox?


Thomas said...

Finally, we are in weather synchronicity. Stellar in the Finger Lakes right now.

Yet, this is an erratic climate and we take nothing for granted.


Not on your life!

Thud said...

By coincidence I was looking at buying one of those tomorrow.

Vinogirl said...

Thomas: We have had a few frosts in the past 10 days but local vineyards are still not quite at that stage when they have to resort to the fans or overhead sprinklers for frost protection. In American Canyon, south of here, Grgich Vineyards and Clos du Val have already got 2-3 inches of growth on their Chardonnay. I am sure their vineyard managers have had at least a couple of sleepness nights already this season.

Thud: Their flowers stink!