Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pig latin.

This morning, in my biology lab, I got up close and personal with a fetal domestic piglet (Sus domestica). Lovely!
It's times like this, when dealing with the required general education portion of the viticulture programme at Napa Valley College, that I wonder if I'm indeed studying grapevines at all. I'd much rather have been out in the vineyard removing last year's wood with surgeon like precision (yea, right), it was a gorgeous March day. But whilst Vinogirl will survive this class to prune some other day, this poor little chap will never play the piano again.
Estray inay eacepay igletpay.


Thud said...

Looks like dinner at the in laws! nothing a little fish sauce wouldn't cure.

monkey said...

oooo bacon butties hmmm any suggestions on wine?

Lord Roby said...

Any chance of bringing it back to Blighty with you.I could do with a charm to keep the suicide bombers at bay!!

The villager: said...

One of the scariest images I've seen in a long time, Vinogirl.

Vinogirl said...
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Vinogirl said...

Thud: It smelled like it had fish sauce on it already!

Monkey: Ooh, real bacon, yum. Wine? No, a nice mug of tea.

Lord Roby: Good idea, d'ya think it'd work?

Villager: It wasn't that scary: It had a cute smile!