Friday, March 19, 2010

Hello little leaf.

Whilst I was busy pruning Syrah all day yesterday, something was going on in the Orange muscat block. Just about one week earlier than last year, budbreak is in full swing in this particular corner of the vineyard. This means that everything else won't be too far behind.
My right hand is a little tender, but with a bit of surgical tape I'll be good to go today. The success of the 2010 vintage is literally in my hands.


Do Bianchi said...

I cannot conceal how excited I am at the thought of following the vegetative cycle with you this year Vinogirl!

Great photo, btw.

I guess I need to revisit Opus One. I only tasted it once, many many years ago at a steakhouse in Manhattan before I knew much about fine wine. I do love the insight that you give us into other vineyards beyond your own.

Will we ever get to taste your wine?

Do Bianchi said...

p.s. I recently tasted Colgin the other day... interesting for sure... not my speed, but definitely interesting...

Leon Stolarski said...

Vinogirl - were you the one providing updates on EBob last year? If so, I remember it well (though I rarely visit EBob). If you will be blogging about it this year, I'll be following avidly!

Living in suburban Nottingham (in the English Midlands) my one grapevine, planted against the west-facing kitchen wall, is some weeks away from budbreak. In fact I only gave the poor thing its winter pruning today!

Keep up the good work.

Thomas said...

I feel for you vinogirl. I remember those carpal tunnel days after pruning acres of vines.

Bud break in March: Finger Lakes grape growers wouldn't know what to do if they saw such a phenomenon.

Vinogirl said...

2B: Thanks. I don't know if it will be nearly as exciting as your two recent Italian trips, but the vine growing season is exciting in its own way.
The bottle of Opus I had was fab, it was 12 years old when opened...I did not pay for it however (thanks Thud) and would never pay that sort of money for a wine...there are better, and cheaper, alternatives out there.
Vinomaker's business plan does not include a commercial offering...but who knows, one day if you're in Napa....
Colgin (see Opus above), I've had better.

Leon: Thanks for visiting Vinsanity. Ebob? Not me, I'm a Scouser in the Napa Valley. Good luck with your little vine. I have one vine at my brother's house outside Liverpool :)

Thomas: My delicate English hands suffer from blisters when I prune the Cabernet sauvignon...I swear that wood is so darned hard!!! The Finger Lakes getting a longer dormant period sounds good to me right now!