Monday, May 18, 2009

Hello Napa.

Yesterday was an exhausting, but exciting day. It started with a beautiful, new life and ended with me being separated from my luggage.
Strolling around the vineyard this morning, observing the Chia Pet like growth of the vines (in my 2 week absence), I noticed this feat of engineering. There are many bird's nests around the house and vineyard right now, but this one, tucked up under the eaves of the barn, caught my eye. Our industrious feathered friends are generally ingenious in their choice of nesting materials, but this little opportunistic twitter had chosen discarded grapevine rachises to underpin the structure of her domicile...or maybe it was meant as an aesthetic, architectural statement.
Home sweet home.


Thud said...

Nice for the find me a decent gaff!

Marc Winitz said...

Home is where the nest is!

Vinogirl said...

Marc, that's cute :)