Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bunches of flowers.

The Pinot grigio is almost finished flowering (as is the Orange muscat and the Syrah). The Cabernet sauvignon is a bit of a late bloomer, literally. Our clone 4 is a slow starter and is probably only half way into bloom.
The Pinot grigio fruit set looks good, aided by the fact that the weather has co-operated during bloom, no rain, no high winds. The flowers were left in peace to do their little self-pollinating thing. Vinomaker will be happy that he has plenty of white grapes to play with this vintage.


Weston said...

It's it to warm for Pinot Gris in California?
I know in the Okanagan we grow tons of Pinot Gris and alot of them are good as long as they ain't oaked. And I was at a NZ tasting and had a Fantastic Pinot Gris, on the expensive side but best Pinot Gris I've had in a while


Thud said...

Nearly as good as mine.

The villager: said...

It's hard to believe but we have a commercial vineyard about a mile from here on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds.

I went to help with the very small harvest last autumn; they're hoping to eventually have a profitable business, despite the climate of northern England.

The villager: said...

The vineyard mentioned is at:

Craig Justice said...

Dear Vino Girl, We've got bunches of little grappies already that are getting big! Need your help. I busted an end post last night (my worst nightmare!). How do you and your buddies in Vinoland suggest I fix it???
PS -- Don't miss the story about Sandy from Old Coach Vineyards. You'll love her! (She's got the most amazing "cave" dug into the hillside!

Vinogirl said...

Weston: No, quite a bit of Pinot grigio/gris here. My bud wood is from Swanson's vineyard and there Pinot grigio is a fairly decent drink.

Thud: How are your clustrettes?

Villager: Thank you for the link.

Craig: looks like you will be using some elbow grease this weekend!

Vinogirl said...

That would be 'their' not 'there'!
Wish there was spell check on comments!!!!

Thud said...


Vinogirl said...

Clustering into something good the Princesses can eat I hope.