Sunday, May 17, 2009

Goodbye Blighty.

The last day of my holiday arrived.
It was an all round good day; had a leisurely stroll in the park, watched a cricket match, ate Scouse for dinner, had some relatives stop by to say cheerio, and watched the Eurovision Song Contest. A very English day.
The main reason for my trip home was the expectant arrival of a new niece. For two weeks I asked my sister-in-law, several times a day, if she was having any twinges, but nothing...howzat! I had insisted on a fine bottle of something bubbly from Thud's cellar after dinner as I was determined to wet the baby's head, even if she was refusing to come out and meet her auntie Vinogirl, before I jetted off.
It turns out I wasn't disappointed after all. I had 45 mins with the 40 minute old little darling before I was driven to Manchester Airport.
She's a little corker!


Thud said...

Little Princess OTW didn't want aunt Vinogirl to waste a good bottle of bubbly.

Lord Roby said...

Why do girls always keep you waiting an eternity and then turn up just in time?

Vinogirl said...

She was well worth the wait :)

Ron Combo said...

Name for the new one?

Thud said...

Ron...she is principessa OTW!

The villager: said...

Eurovision and vineyards....a blog with everything !