Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunny Sunday.

And indeed it was a lovely, sunny Sunday in Vinoland (until around 6.30 pm when the annular solar eclipse made the light quality very weird).
I spent the majority of the weekend stuffing shoots and suckering the trunks of the Cabernet sauvignon vines. It's a bit of a boring vineyard operation, but the Vinodogs generally keep me company and amused. After breakfast I took a walk through the Pinot grigio block and noticed that bloom has begun.  So, I went and checked the Orange muscat vines, but nothing is happening with them yet. Not wanting to bore anyone with yet another photograph of a grape flower, I decided instead to use an image of a Yellow Mariposa Lily (Calochortus luteus) that I spotted, blooming above the vines, as I ambled about Vinoland.  I also found a couple of other wildflowers that I am fond of - fodder for future posts methinks.


A Good Moroccan said...

A truly wonderful flower pic, Vinogirl.

They are even promising some warmth here in England this week.

Vinogirl said...

Thanks Villager. Enjoy that sunshine while it lasts - I didn't see much of it on my recent trip home.