Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rain, rain, go away!

My poor grapes!
It rained all day yesterday. Let me qualify that...we just experienced, in the San Francisco Bay Area, the worst October storm since the 1960s. Vinoland looks like a battlefield. Mother Nature has deposited her detritus everywhere, the autumnal colours of which are pretty, but the acorns make walking around extremely difficult. Our creek is full, there are puddles everywhere, the firewood is wet, and the Vinodogs are bored.
Last Sunday I did a quick sugar reading of our Cabernet grapes. They were only up to a rather disappointing 22.8 degrees Brix, nowhere near ready to harvest...and now wet, grey weather.
My poor grapes!


Thud said...

An average day on merseyside seems to bring Ca to a halt.

Weston said...

ut oh not good sounded like the season was going well too...

that being said Rain in Vancouer yaya! and I think them peeps in the Okanagan got there grapes picked last couple of weeks

Vinogirl said...

Weston...we will do our best.