Sunday, October 11, 2009

Frequent flyer miles?

Made in Argentina. Purchased in Liverpool. Consumed in Napa.
This has to be the most traveled bottle of wine I have ever had (next to the bottle of 1994 Opus One Thud purchased in Costco, Liverpool). And guess what? was delicious...even with jet-lag.
What a great combination; Pinot grigio and, one of Vinomaker's and my favourites, Torrontés. We frequently drink Susana Balbo's Torrontés but this blended offering from Familia Zuccardi is wonderful, combining the best characteristics of these two eminently quaffable varietals.
Thanks Monkey and Thud.


Thud said...

Very tasty indeed.

Vinogirl said...

Certainly was :)

monkey said...

MY pleasure, we have had a couple of bottles now and still its as good as the first time.
Im sure it tastes amazing on the deck, hmmmmm

Vinogirl said...

Good find Monkey.