Friday, October 23, 2009

Blue velvet.

Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are amongst the most photogenic grapes around, their velvety blue hue is like no other varietal. Sure, Syrah, Merlot etc., are all black grape varietals but tend to look more purple on the vine whilst Cabernet Sauvignon diplays the richest royal blue.  Here is my Clone 4 enjoying one last day idling in the California sun for tomorrow is harvest day!


Thud said...

All done and Vinomaker has to do his magic.

Trubes said...

Hi Vinogirl,
Terrific picture there, you're correct in saying the grapes look like blue velvet.
I've been reading through your most recent posts and was interested to read, that Thud brought for you, a bottle of Argentinian wine from Costco in Liverpool.
It is funny how Thud and I keep crossing paths.

I know he likes to dine at the Tai Pan Chinese Restaurant, which I do too!

Also we shop frequently at Costo!

He lives on the Wirral nearby where I used to live, many moons ago!

We are both Evertonians!

He loves Liverpool, it's fine architecture and culture!

I am passionately proud of our City too!

Maybe one day we will all meet up over a glass of wine and a wonderful Chinese meal at the Tai Pan....

What say you VG?

Hope the harvesting goes well.

Say hello to Thud and his lovely family from all of us in sunny Liverpool.x


monkey said...

they look truley beautiful, im sure they taste as good as they look.

idle said...

I am drinking a dry Touriga Nacional tonight, which tastes rather disappointing, looking at those....

Vinogirl said...

I was very pleased with the overall quality of the fruit. 2009 looked like it was going to be an awkward year but I think it is going to be a surprisingly good vintage.

Trubes: I love the Tai Pan too...we shall see.

Monkey: They tasted great, should make a fab cab :)

Idle: The growing seasons in the Douro and Napa are probably similar. I'm sure your TN was satisfactory.

Lord Roby said...

I know they look great,but what do they taste like? You just don't get grapes like those in Two Dogs,as you well know!

Vinogirl said...

M'Lordship, they tasted great and the fermentation is smelling great :)