Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hello Syrah!

A busy day in Vinoland.
Vinomaker left at the crack of dawn to drive, once again, to Courtland to collect some Marsanne he had contracted to buy. I stayed in Vinoland and supervised our Syrah harvest. The Wisconsin Winos had arrived early, on this cool October morning, to assist with the day's activities. I stayed as long as I could and picked away with them but had to leave to collect Family OTW from San Francisco International.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the Marsanne and will have to be content with watching it ferment, but I will make sure I am around to drink the finished product.


Thud said...

Any excuse for a skive.

idle said...

Is this the same syrah that I have commented on over at Thud's?

If not, please create a gross of bottles in hermitage style, etc

Vinogirl said...

Idle: Same varietal, different vineyard than Thud's post. Sorry, too much sunshine in Napa to make a true hermitage style, but careful yeast selection may help. Hopefully the Marsanne may be of the aforementioned stle.