Thursday, February 09, 2012

What wine goes with...No. 6.

...goulash?  This one is fairly easy:  I'm pairing a spicy beef goulash with a Napa Valley Syrah.
A gift from the grower of the very vines that make up this Syrah (crafted as a homage to the wines of the Northern Rhône), this bottle of Phoenix Ranch 2005 Syrah was a more than worthy contender for this particular food pairing.
Redolent with dark berry fruits and hints of dried herbs, the wine partnered successfully with the goulash as it complemented the dish's spicy-sweetness whilst adding an earthy element all of its own (beyond that of the paprika).  A surprisingly, racy acidity ensured the pairing remained lively until the last morsel of food, and drop of wine, had disappeared.
Good job Phoenix Phamily.


Affer said...

Ah, memories! Whilst on a skiing trip to Mammoth a good few years back, a big hearty plate of goulash was presented at dinner - which we paired with a monster Zinfandel. I seem to recall it as "Fire Mountain" with an abv of 16% ....the goulash I've forgotten, but the wine was so good that four of us demolished six bottles.

I didn't ski next day!

Vinogirl said...

Affer, that's the problem with drinking too much Zinfandel, it always has high alcohol and a mammoth headache to follow.

Thud said...

I had milk with my goulash last week...its the recipe that matters!

Vinogirl said...

Thud, the recipe needs some adjustments. Wasn't as good as your goulash.

Thud said...

we shall practise in april.