Friday, February 03, 2012

What goes with mint sauce?

Lamb paired with a well aged Burgundy perhaps?
The un-winter-like weather continues in Napa.  And, the appearance of spring lambs does nothing to dispel the rumour in these parts that winter may never rear its ugly head this season - and that's fine by me.
A pleasant diversion, on my drive home from TWWIAGE this week, was two small fields, on the Silverado Trail, full of nursing ewes and their lambs. I feel bad for pairing them with wine.


Ron Combo said...

Or a young Beaujolais?

Affer said...

You'd obviously spent too long at the baaaah!

Vinogirl said...

Ron: That would work also.

Affer: Groan! And to think I controlled myself enough NOT to subtitle it 'I love ewe mum.'

Thud said...

we are getting a winter blast at last.