Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pruning: Opus One.

The relatively small block of Opus One Cabernet sauvignon vines, on the corner of Hwy 29 and the Oakville Crossroad, was in the process of being pruned this morning.  A solitary vineyard worker, to my right, was busy removing last year's growth.  I could hear the trellis wires twanging, like some giant untuned guitar, as he yanked at the stubborn shoots, with their vice-like tendrils, to remove them from the trellising.
It made for a very pastoral scene (if one could just ignore the busy traffic a couple of hundred yards away), and I wished I was at home pruning in Vinoland.  


Vinomaker said...

Yes Vinogirl, being here in the Vinoland vineyards plucking the wires would be good indeed. Pruning should not be a spectator activity this time of year.

Vinogirl said...

The only spectators out in the vineyard have been the Vinodogs. The whites are pruned...on with the reds.