Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mystery wine.

Vinomaker has an acquaintance who works for the Napa Wine Company. The Napa Wine Company (NWC) has been in the wine business longer than most other wineries in the Napa Valley, in fact it was the 9th bonded winery in California.  As well as farming 600+ acres of their own vineyards and having their own brands of wines, NWC serves as a custom crush facility for a lot of smaller brands that do not have their own winemaking facilities.  It is in this capacity that Vinomaker's pal is employed at NWC.
In the past, the aforementioned friend has shown up in Vinoland with a mixed case of wine, some good, some bad, in exchange for cash for nappies.  It's a deal that works for all concerned parties: for $100 Vinomaker gets a value priced case of wine and the NWC worker's current baby gets Pampers.
Last week, Vinomaker came up from the cellar with an unlabeled bottle of something red.  It was not until we pulled the cork that we could see the brand name, Rock & Vine, and taste what seemed to be something that very strongly resembled a Cabernet Sauvignon.  So, I emailed the proprietor of Rock & Vine, James Harder, to see if he could identify the mystery wine with what little information I had.  Within 3 minutes Mr. Harder had emailed me back from his iPhone with the identity of the wine.  It was a 2007 Rock & Vine Cabernet Sauvignon.
This wine was fantastic, delicious, superbly well balanced and very varietal-like...and at around $24 a bottle, it's almost an everyday drinking Cab.  I wonder if they offer an inter-winery discount.
A happy Leap Day to everyone!


About Last Weekend said...

Interesting! Sounds delish. I am trying to ween myself off the Sav blanc and go for the bigger red, initially on the premise that I would drink less with a bigger wine.... I wish I was onto that cash for nappies type deal back in the day - def needed that extra glass-(bottle) when the kids were tiny.

Vinogirl said...

Don't deprive yourself of SB, I never would. But, may I suggest progressing to a Saddleback Pinot blanc perhaps, before diving head first into a Far Niente Cab :)
Cash for nappies is a great programme :)

Do Bianchi said...

nappies! so much better than diapers!

Vinogirl said...

Especially in Napa!