Sunday, February 26, 2012


Although they are very pretty, acacia trees - as they are commonly referred to in these parts - do play havoc with my nasal passages, causing my body to produce copious amounts of antibody immunoglobulin E.  I have hayfever.
Silver Wattle (Acacia dealbata) trees are blooming all around Vinoland right now.  The flowers are so yellow and bountiful they can be seen at a great distance - everywhere.  Vinomaker's current outdoor project is ridding Vinoland of a small forest of 15 foot tall Silver Wattle that have taken over the creek, a task also performed a mere 2 years ago.  They grow like the proverbial weeds.
Hurry up Vinomaker, they're blooming awful!


Thomas said...

Gee, I'd kill for some color in the Finger Lakes right now, and those yellow things make me sneeze too.

I did happen to see a crocus or two yesterday, tentatively sticking a flower out to gauge the temperature and the available light; it did so through about 1/4-inch of snow.

Vinogirl said...

It was 79 degrees here on Wednesday, but only 60 yesterday. It is 28 degrees, and white with frost, right now...these trees bloom regardless of the temperature.