Friday, July 01, 2011

The superior vena vino.

One down, one to go.
The first day, of two successive days, of bottling in Vinoland was a success. The St. Helena crew reported for duty and were immediately charged with the task of getting their 2009 wine into the bottles that Vinomaker had sourced.
The St. Helena, clone 7 Cabernet sauvignon had been blended with a small percentage of Cabernet franc and Merlot, a blend which Vinomaker and I had decided on prior to today's activities. Blending is a fun, even if at times a little exasperating, exercise and one finds that most wines benefit from a little something different thrown in.
Everything went smoothly and after a quick mid-day repast (with wine), some very happy winegrowers left for home with their trucks heavily loaded up with the fermented version of the fruits of their labour.


Thud said...

The mighty arm of thud would have bottled those little beauties double quick.

Rate My Sausage said...

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monkey said...

No jobs for monkey this summer then. Oh well I'll just have to drink it instead. glad see I wasn't the only one getting the rate my sausage comment, I was getting worried there for a minute.

About Last Weekend said...

Good little insight into production. The Rate my Sausage website sounds intriguing btw...

Do Bianchi said...

when do we get to taste yall's wines? Always love the photos and the insights into the process... (just catching up after spotty internets access in Greece)

Vinogirl said...

Thud & Monkey: There may be some bottling to do when you are here. Are you up to it?

RMS: Hi Simon...let me think about it.

ALW: Production can be tedious. Often the best part is getting it back out of the bottle and into a glass :)

2B: As my grandmother used to say, "God loves a trier."
Have been following-along-a-Greece...jealous!

monkey said...

you provide the refreshment ill supply the monkey power.