Monday, July 25, 2011

Hands across the water.

Reinforcements have arrived. Eight various family members have arrived from Old Blighty to bolster Vinogirl's position amongst her colonial cousins. The past several days have seen the family unwinding, basking and relaxing in the warm California sun.
It has long been understood that there is a very close association between England and the United States of America. However, our shared transatlantic solidarity has been tested in recent years, least of all by the bothersome ejection, from the Oval office, of a bust of my True Wine Lover 1 by the current Chardonnay-swilling resident of a certain large, white building in Washington DC. So, I personally found it somewhat encouraging to see this bottle of Side By Side Pinot grigio in a local supermarket.
Proceeds from the sales of this wine benefit a very worthy cause: Azalea Charities provide comfort and relief items for soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines that are sick, injured or wounded from service in Iraq and Afghanistan.
So, if you are reading this in California, Nevada or Arizona go to your local Fresh & Easy supermarket today and buy a bottle of Side By Side.
Remember, freedom isn't free.


Thud said...

A decent bottle for a decent cause.

Do Bianchi said...

heads across the sky! (tell you knew that one wouldn't slip by me!)

Have fun...

Vinogirl said...

Thud: OK, a little vinous, but a worthy way to kill two birds with one stone.

2B: I knew you'd get it :)

NHwineman said...

"Remember, freedom isn't free."
Wow! I keep receiving these dissonant (from Cali), though reasonable phrases out of Vinoland. I like being surprised, and if ever I see this wine, I'll buy it:-)