Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter, 2011.

Happy Easter to all, from a chocolate filled Vinogirl, an English Cadbury Creme Egg (albeit made by Kraft now) and it's piddly, diminutive American cousin.
Eat chocolate!


Thud said...

I'll shift a coupleof pounds by the end of today.

Wartime Housewife said...

Happy Easter Vinogirl. Personally I'm full of Lindt Bunnies. Hurrah!

phlegmfatale said...

om nom nom nom! chocolate!

Vinogirl said...

Thud: You made a valiant effort but I think you only got through about a pound and a half!

WH: I stuffed my niece's Egg Hunt eggs with Lindt chicks, lambs and ladybirds, but it's Cadbury all the way for me.

Phlemmy: It was a wonderful, chocolatey day :)