Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Casa.

A rare, and delightfully nostalgic, treat for me today courtesy of Thud - lunch in the Casa Italia.
I have been visiting this particular restaurant on Stanley Street, in Liverpool city centre, since I was about 11 or 12 years old. I was first taken there, also as a treat, by my sister La Serenissima, and in my teens and twenties I dined there at least once a week.
It may not be the world's greatest Italian restaurant, in fact I know it isn't, but I still love to visit the Casa (as it is known locally) when I am home. The waiters are, and always have been, Italian. And although it hasn't been on the menu for years they will still whip up a pizza Casalinga for me, my favourite, on request.
Love it!


About Last Weekend said...

Love Liverpool and all their accents, can't wait to hear about what you had to eat at The Casa.

Ron Combo said...

And to drink?

Thud said...

It always hits the spot, especialy on saturday afternoon.

monkey said...

i love it.....pizza with an egg on

Vinogirl said...

ALW: We only have one accent, Scouse, but I am glad that you like it. And, seeing as it was lunchtime, I just had the pizza Casalinga.

Ron: Oops! Can't believe I forgot to mention the vino. I had a glass of their house 'Montepulciano Red' which was actually sort of forgettable. The wine list has never been the reason I've frequented this particular restaurant over the years.

Thud: The old Saturday afternoons were the best weren't they?

Monkey: Ah, the old Florentina 'v'.