Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy St. George's Day.

"I am English, and my Englishness is my very vision" D. H. Lawrence.
A favourite quote of mine ever since my childhood.
No wine connection. No wry observations. No viticultural insights. I just want to pay homage to the patron saint of the country that I happen to call my own.


Affer said...

Old George wasn't perhaps the best Saint...but he's OUR saint! And reviled and adopted by some unpleasant people thought it is, the red cross on a white background is still a great bit of marketing!

"Cry, God for Harry, England and St George."

(and America doesn't have one.....!!!)

Vinogirl said...

Damn heathens!

Thud said...

I feel all patriotic...I think I'll sit down and have a slice of cake.