Saturday, April 11, 2009

Done and dusted.

Whoo hoo! I finished pruning the Cabernet sauvignon vines.
I finished the actual pruning last Sunday, but only finished tying down the canes, with Vinomaker's help, today. It's a relief I can tell you. I was panicking a bit because time was dragging on. It is very difficult to tie down the canes when the buds are pushing as you tend to knock them off if you are not ultra careful. No buds, no fruit. Thankfully our clone 4 is a slow starter.
A bonus...all my fingers are intact.


Marc Winitz said...

Total bonus on the fingers...Good luck with the vintage!


Weston said...

you know that losing a couple of fingers make the wine taste better right? Now I don't know if I want to drink any Cab 2009 from Cali :P

Thud said...

some of the sweat of my brow is in the 2008 vintage...gotta taste good.