Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Frequent Filler Program.

The title of today's post is not a typo.  I did actually intend to type the word 'filler' as opposed to the word  'flyer'.  (However, I do take exception to the American spelling of programme.  Just sayin'.)
I haven't had a drop of wine for over two weeks now because I have been dealing with a nasty summer cold.  But on the way home from work tonight I stopped at the Napa Wine Company (NWC) to pick up a growler of something to pair with dinner.  My nose is better.
After an initial investment of $10.00 for the bottle, an ever-changing selection of wines-on-tap can be had for a mere $10.00 per refill.  The NWC growler-programme also comes with a 'Frequent Filler' punch-card: for every five refills the sixth is free.  To pair with tonight's chicken dinner I chose a rosé of Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault.  Very, very nice.  And fun. And a truly genius idea.  Growl on.


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

"And a truly genius idea." Agreed!
I need to find a NHWM post to link this to!

Thomas said...


A genius idea, indeed--even way back before Prohibition, when it was common in the U.S. Now, of course, it has to be fought for from state-to-state.

On a similar note: being the cook in our household, I am overjoyed that many wineries are using the screwcap. Each evening, I find myself running out of time when preparing supper. It's so nice just before serving not to have to go through the cork-pulling movement, and potential TCA.

Anything to make serving wine easier is good--growler, screwcap-- and it's even better when the wine is as good as the one you describe in this post.

Vinogirl said...

NHW: Link away!

Tomasso: As a child a local dairy (dairy as in the milkman's depot, no cows nearby), would let you bring a Pyrex bowl and fill it with their homemade ice cream...the whitest, creamiest - with little bits of frozen ice chunks throughout - vanilla ice cream I have ever had.

This rosé was quite palatable, displaying lots of candied fruit on the nose, and deeply-hello-Syrah hued. Rather fond of screwcaps myself nowadays, perfect closure for a young white, or rosé.