Saturday, July 30, 2016

A charming Riesling.

I love this wine (sorry, loved - it's all gone).  The Chateau Montelena, 2014 Riesling (Potter Valley AVA) was surprisingly moreish.  This Riesling had a beautiful, but subtle, nose of lemon and rose Turkish Delight with the faintest waft of petroleum.  The wine had a lemony-loveliness with the first palate-pleasing sip, which was followed by something decidedly tropical, then finished with a whisper of key lime. Oh, and the merest trace of residual sugar which gave the wine a wonderful mouth-coating appeal. Great balance, just delicious.
I have steered clear of Chateau Montelena wines for the longest time because I found them somewhat thin and uninteresting.  But Matt Crafton, Chateau Montelena's new winemaker, has crafted (sorry, I couldn't help myself) a really, really nice domestic Riesling.  I am looking forward to see what Mr. Crafton does with the reds.
I am really starting to appreciate wines made from the Riesling grape.  It's taken me a while, but I am beginning to understand why most wine connoisseurs consider Riesling to be the greatest of all wines.


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

Vg: This is very exciting; love good Riesling, and love your review, puts my feeble posts to shame, but your talent for writing, when applied, has always been an amazement to me (I'm repeating myself).
I went through a period of questioning Ch.M.'s QPR, and it kept me from buying their wines for some time, but their 2012Cab was an eye-opener!

Thomas said...

Welcome to the club, VG.

And that is a fine review.

If you get that Great Wstern wine, maybe you should include a few Finger Lakes Rieslings.

Vinogirl said...

NHW: Thanks.
I really will keep an eye on their reds - see in a couple of years if they've improved.
2012 was one of those vintages when it was said, "If you couldn't make a good wine, you shouldn't be in the business."

Tomasso: Perhaps I should just visit the Finger Lakes one of these days.

Thomas said...


That would be wonderful, just don't do it between December and April.

By the way, we have finally gotten rain--yet still need more. Vines have been showing signs of stress. Some have been pulling off fruit. This vintage will be a smaller crop and maybe less volume per ton, too. Might be an early crop too.

Vinogirl said...

Tomasso: I'd actually like to see the vines with fruit on them, so spring or summer would be best.
Less rain, small berries sounds like a winemaker's dream.