Sunday, July 10, 2016

Home Winemakers Classic 2016.

I have only ever had a wine made from the Sagrantino grape just once before (Jacuzzi Family Vineyards), and I remember quite enjoying it.  So imagine my surprise when I spotted a homemade version at the 33rd annual Home Winemakers Classic which was held yesterday at the Charles Krug Winery.  Made from grapes grown in the Dunnigan Hills AVA, it was very nice wine (I believe it won best of show).  I also like the label.  Well, the 'Friendly Lion' on the label.
There were a couple of other reds I liked; a Nathan Cellars, 2013 'Beth' (Napa Valley AVA) and a Bunnell Family Vineyards, 2013 Cuvée (Atlas Peak AVA).  The white wines were all pretty dreadful.
As is our wont, Vinomaker and I bid on a wine-lot in the silent auction (which is always a feature of the event.  All proceeds go to the Dry Creek-Lokoya VFD).  We limited ourselves to just one lot, and we won it; four 750ml bottles of Pott, 2013 '20M3' Stagecoach Vineyard, Viognier (Napa Valley AVA).  Haven't tried it yet - that's a future post, perhaps.


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

VG: I've had a few Sagrantino wines from Italy (usually quite good), but have never seen a domestic offering; good for you guys, and around $20 too!
Can't wait for the Stagecoach Vineyard, Viognier review!
All-in-all, sounds like you guys had grand-old time!

Thomas said...

Among the greatest wines of Italy:

Don't know how they compare in California--have never tasted one. The Italian versions are as well structured as any good Cabernet Sauvignon.

Vinogirl said...

NHW: It was a pleasant day all round. Must find myself an Italian Sagrantino.

Tomasso: I can see why you would reference a Cabernet Sauvignon in your comment, the Sagrantino was quite a heady wine - thanks for the link, I will look into this grape a little more.