Sunday, April 01, 2012

Beginnings and ends.

This morning, after I had finished clearing up last night's tasting score-sheets, wine-sticky pencils, runaway corks and a seeming million grains of rice (that, inexplicably, the Vinodogs had not hoovered up) I, and the aforementioned canines, went for a walk.
Whilst enjoying our promenade I noticed that the nearby Far Niente Chardonnay vineyard is experiencing budbreak - the exact same timing as last year.  Far Niente's vineyard fans were running long before daybreak, but with the temps only getting down to 36 degrees F the little budettes were not in danger of frost damage.
I was going to go back and take a photograph of the Chardonnay vines this afternoon, but I noticed Vinoland's Syrah is well and truly on it's own way through budbreak, so I photographed one of my own little buddies instead.
Also today, I finished tying down all the Cabernet sauvignon canes. That means I am finished with pruning.  Whoo hoo!  I am sitting here with a glass of bubbly as I type.
Go grapes!


Vinomaker said...

It is interesting that most mammals look somewhat like their species when they emerge. Not knowing the eventual outcome, this fuzzy protuberance would be anybody's guess! Fortunately it ultimately will not be judged on it's early appearance, but it's offspring, the grapes!

Affer said...

Great photo - D50 or D3100?

Vinogirl said...

VM: A case of an ugly duckling that indeed will turn into a very pretty bunch of Syrah. Actually, I think the little fuzzy buds are cute also.

Affer: The D3100 out on it's inaugural shoot.

About Last Weekend said...

What beauteous buds. Champers... I had waaay too much the other night and am still feeling the effects. I love it but it doesn't love me!

Vinogirl said...

Too much bubbly? Never heard of such a thing :)