Saturday, April 21, 2012


Perhaps, in an effort to make up for bringing a Charbono to Vinoland's recent Zinfandel tasting, Sky King appeared last night for a BBQ rib dinner with a fairly decent bottle of the aforementioned wine-tasting varietal.  The Trecini 2007 Rockpile (Rocky Ridge Vineyard, Sonoma) wasn't the most typical Zinfandel I have ever tasted, and at $40 it wasn't the cheapest either, but when it came to pairing it with pork ribs it performed rather admirably.
To further redeem himself, Sky King also brought dessert, a Raspberry Frangipane tart from the Basque Café (Sonoma's 'Bistro on the Square'). But wait, Sky King wasn't finished - he paired dessert with a Fritz Winery 1998 Late Harvest Zinfandel (also Sonoma) which was delightful.  Oh yum!
Sky King - he's a good lad!


Thud said...

Was he feeling guilty or something?

NHwineman said...

Can't hardly go wrong with a Rockpile Zin.
V-girl is always having fun. Reminds me a song:

Vinogirl said...

Thud: I clearly said it was a Zinfandel tasting - as to Sky King's conscience, it's anyone's guess!

NHW: Even boys should always strive to have fun :)