Friday, March 16, 2012

It's so good!

Vinomaker was given this wine by an attorney friend after a tennis event they both played in: Long story short, it's a delicious wine. I'm not going to get all boring by describing this wine myself, instead I'm going to pilfer the 2007 C'est Si Bon's tasting notes directly from the Elyse website because their description of the wine is possibly the closest description, to actual taste, I have ever come across.
C'est Si Bon (It's so good!), is made from grapes indigenous to the Rhone Valley in Southern France. This medium body wine has delightful aromas of dried raspberries, tangerine peel, white pepper along with hints of earth and dried herbs. On the palate, flavors of wild plums, raspberries, currants and a hint of minerality lead to a creamy mouth feel and genuinely long finish – and is way too easy to drink. 
OMG!  Way too easy to drink is a gigantic understatement.  This wine is so smooth, the soft vanilla characteristic on the palate is so moreish and - oops, I said I wouldn't wax lyrical with my own particular descriptors of this wine.  But, priced at around $28.00 retail, this is a great wine.  It really is so good.


Thomas said...

Oh yeah! When I was on the road selling wine for a distributor in the mid 90s, we handled Elyse. It was always among my favorite producers.

Don't know of the ownership is the same, but it sounds like the quality is.

Vinogirl said...

Still under the same family ownership I believe.