Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday V1!

My old brownie is 14 years old today.  Isn't she gorgeous?
V1 spends most of her time snoozing these days; of late she can only really hear me when I whistle to her, the clicking noise of the cookie jar being opened, and the whir of a neighbour's Volvo as it speeds past Vinoland (which still sends her tearing down the driveway in hot pursuit).  But, she watches my every move and was my constant companion over the weekend as I pruned the vines.
Whilst posing in her birthday finery, a turkey vulture flew overhead and distracted her, but it actually made for a cute photograph.  She's a great dog.
Happy Birthday V1!


Thud said...

Better looking than her owner!

Thomas said...

A nice ripe age, but she doesn't look it.

Did she chase he vulture?

Vinogirl said...

Thud: For once, just once, you're right :)

Thomas: She looks good close up in her glamour shot, but she is getting to be quite lumpy and bumpy, and her coat is not as lustrous as it once was.
And yes, she did chase the vulture, leaving the birthday tiara in her wake...never work with children or animals!

About Last Weekend said...

She is gorgeous, what kind brown eyes she has. She looks like a proper dog too which I love. In contrast we are getting one of those toy-ish yappy things on the insistence of Tallulah (because it needs to have hair not fur)

Vinogirl said...

She is a proper dog; great ears, nice muzzle, wonderful tail and those beautiful brown eyes.
I am sure Tallulah will be happy with any poochie she gets :)

Ron Combo said...

What a smashing doggie and an excellent photograph. Dogs are so much nicer than humans, but we all knew that didn't we?

Vinogirl said...

Hello Mr. Combo. Totally agree, they're much nicer than the majority of humans.

phlegmfatale said...

And she's a beautiful dog, too. Happy belated birthday to V1. I love her birthday finery, too. Made me grin.