Thursday, December 01, 2011

When to prune?

Like a fine Swiss timepiece, the Far Niente vineyard crew have been out and about these past two days pre-pruning their Chardonnay vines. Once again, this post-harvest operation has been performed in this particular vineyard with precision timing.
Vinoland's vines, as I have mentioned on this blog once or twice, are head-trained and cane (and spur) pruned so I don't perform any pre-pruning. Besides, I'm not exactly a planner-type person (am I, Vinomaker?), so if I get started pruning approximately sometime in February that's planning enough for me! However, I did exercise some forethought this past week and purposely went out and found myself an Advent calendar in anticipation of today, December 1st.
It's all about priorities really, isn't it?


Thud said...

That will go well with the one we sent you!

Vinogirl said...

So, I'll have two. The more the merrier.

Leon Stolarski said...

Loving your photography, especially the landscape stuff (though the shoe "portrait" is a cracker too). Are you using any filters or employing (for instance) HDR?

Vinogirl said...

Thanks Leon. No, my photos are as is. I do crop them a little on occasion, but my photography teacher stressed composition and technique above everything else. My DSLR is set to 'vivid', but California really is this pretty :)