Thursday, December 08, 2011

Christmas is a-coming!

Whoo hoo! Several frosty mornings in a row. A Christmas parcel today from Blighty. O Come All Ye Faithful playing in the background. A nice glass of Mi Sueno Syrah next to my laptop. The Vinodogs slumbering in front of a log fire.
Ahhh. Life is good.


WINO101 said...

Extremely jealous! I won't be cracking open an syrah until my finals are overr!

Thud said...

Cheers ears!

Vinogirl said...

W101: Welcome to Vinsanity. Hope your studying goes well. I bet the Syrah will taste all the better for waiting.

Thud: Good...Christmas is contagious :)

About Last Weekend said...

So no Bah Humbugs! You've got WEATHER (and I never knew you needed frost