Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunny Oakville.

After 5 glorious weeks of unseasonably warm, dry weather Mother Nature has turned gangster on California! I took the above picture a week ago today on my way to the Oakville post office. I miss the sunshine...sigh! Unfortunately, the forecast for the rest of this week isn't very inspiring; high winds, occasional hail, and rain, rain, rain!
On a positive note, whilst standing by a large window in work, mindlessly gazing out at the rain-sodden Cabernet vines, I did espy the largest, most vivid, rainbow I think I have ever seen. In all I saw four rainbows today, one was even a double rainbow. I suppose every cloud does have a silver lining.


Lord Roby said...

And every rainbow an infra red one!

Leon Stolarski said...

Pretty picture - a bit more inspiring than the average Nottingham landscape, at this time of year! By the way, is that rape oil seed growing in the field?

Thomas said...

Certainly looks like rape seed, Leon.

Weather-wise, we have finally gotten ourselves a respite from what has to have been not the coldest G'damned Finger Lakes winter in a long time, but the longest unbroken chain of truly frigid temperatures.

We have reached the 50s F in the past two days. The snow melt has been slow and steady, which is good as a buffer against quick melting that causes floods.

There's a decided glow in my spring-needy heart, but the vineyards are looking quite uninviting, as deep, wet melting snow prohibits workers from getting out there.

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Thud said...

we laugh at mere doubles here.

Vinogirl said...

Leon: The valley is always pretty...and the weed is mustard (the same genus, Brassica, as rapeseed.)

Thomas: Awful rain here the past few days, and many of the vineyards mid-valley are water logged.
As for the WV, Blogger knows y'know!

Thud: 30F this morning!

NHwineman said...

Vinogirl, love the mustard field, but miss a picture of the double rainbow!