Sunday, February 13, 2011

Everybody's doing it.

Pruning that is. For what will be my last post on the subject of pruning for a while, I have decided to showcase a cordon-trained vineyard that is about a half mile north of Vinoland - Farella-Park.
Although Farella-Park produces wine under its own label it would indeed be very rare to ever see the wine for sale in a retail location. Instead, this vineyard chooses to sell the majority of its grapes to various wineries around the Napa Valley. Whilst Farella-Park farms many distinct grape varieties, they have chosen (from what I can see from passing by) to cordon-train and spur-prune the entire vineyard. Cordon-training is a relatively simple way to maintain a grapevine once the permanent structure, the cordon, has been established. Consequently, it is the most common style of training to be spotted around the valley.
Caught mid-prune, you can see that the vineyard manager has still quite a fair bit of work to be going on with, one snip at a time. Carry on!


Vinomaker said...

Since Vinoland still looks mostly like the vines on the left, I say keep snipping Vinogirl!

Vinogirl said...

I will endeavour to be at my most snippiest then!

Weston said...

Pruning Method I will have to start to memorize these if I want to take Lvl 4 WSET ugh hah, It would be so much easier to memorize if I actually worked in a vineyard and did it oh well, guess Ill just drink