Saturday, February 19, 2011

Off the beaten track.

Today is Vinomaker's birthday. Whoo hoo!
Yesterday, for what is fast becoming a birthday tradition, we went wine-tasting. I got to pick, as a surprise for Vinomaker, the winery we were going to visit. We have both enjoyed wines from this particular producer in the past, but had never visited the I decided to remedy that. Vinomaker's 2011 birthday tasting was to be at Truchard Vineyards.
Literally situated in an unexpected corner of the Napa portion of the Los Carneros AVA, the Truchard family farm some 270+ acres of vineyards that are planted to at least 10 different varieties of grapes. There are no signs heralding the presence of this unassuming winery - just a standard issue United States mailbox tricked-out with the winery's logo. As it was a cold, rainy day we did not get to tour the vineyard, only the caves, but we did get to taste most of their wines. The wines were all well-crafted and very enjoyable, however they were just a little too cold. The tasting room is in a barn-like building and it was very chilly. At one point, I thought the poor lady next to me (from New York as it happens) was in danger of becoming hypothermic - I don't know any CPR so I helpfully, in my mind, suggested that she just drink more wine. Inexplicably, the New Yorker decided not to try Truchard's delicious late harvest Roussanne. Alas, she missed out on a wonderfully balanced dessert wine with a sublime acidity that ensured that the wine wasn't cloyingly sweet. Her loss!
Tonight we are eating out at a downtown Napa restaurant that we haven't tried before - it'll be another surprise.
Happy birthday Vinomaker!


Thud said...

Its a hard life...try to bare up.

Weston said...

Truchard! Yeah make good wines reasonable price up here, and the one son who comes to the tasting is such a nice guy

Do Bianchi said...

I met Anthony Truchard in NYC (and San Diego) a few years ago... great folks... and the wines are great, too... one of my go-tos from that part of the wine world... sounds like a super fun b-day! happy happy belated to your beloved!

phlegmfatale said...

Happy birthday, Vinomaker, and many happy returns!!!

VICKYFF said...

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Vinogirl said...

Thud: Somebody's got to do these things!

Weston: Welcome back Weston! Yes, good wine at reasonable prices.

2B: I poured wine, at an event, right next to Jo Ann Truchard...seemingly all the family are nice :)

Phlemmy: Thanks, I'll pass your b-day wishes on.

Vickyff: Thanks, but I hardly ever wear a scarf...