Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oo, er, missus!

I have to tell you, I love Christmas (I think I've mentioned that before.)  To me it is without doubt, the happiest time of the year.  But, something rather small brought the biggest smile to my face this Christmastime. Guess what it was?  It was a chocolate, or should I say a whole box of them: Happy Balls made with Knob Creek bourbon!  I'm not kidding, I have polished off one entire box, it's a good job I received two boxes for Christmas. (Thank you Vinomaker and the Detroit Dipsomaniacs.)
I have never really liked foods made with any type of liquor. Sherry in a trifle, no.  Cognac in the Christmas pud, nope.  Marsala in a zabaglione, pass.  Unlike a dear, departed auntie of mine, who was the undisputed Babycham and Cherry B queen of the family, I have never liked liqueur filled sweets either; horrible, nasty things! That was until I was introduced to Aunt Happy's Happy Balls, (a wedding present from the aforementioned Michiganians), four years ago.  Now I think Aunt Happy (although she's not an attractive woman) is my new favourite auntie.
Happy Boxing Day...hic!


Thud said...

I think you can keep them to yourself.

Vinogirl said...

Thanks, but I wasn't going to share them anyway!

Nick Oakley said...

Amazing how things can be misunderstood in translation. In a genuine report from Holland, there was news that cyclists could gain discounts at the local brothel(to reward their green credentials). All they had to do, to prove that they had arrived by bicycle was to present their, ahem, helmet at the front desk. You could not make it up. ( Sorry if this is on the cusp of vulgarity but I laughed like a drain)

Vinogirl said...

Nick, the English language is a wonderful thing...and truth is always stranger than fiction!