Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Every family has one.

A black sheep that is, except mine. My relatives are all pretty straight-laced, verging on boring if truth be told. So I had to take a quick road-trip-in-a-bottle to Amador County to find one.
The Black Sheep 2002 Zinfandel had definitely seen better days. The wine was still recognisable as a Zinfandel, but a lot of the wonderful aromas of raspberries and pepper, that you expect in a young and robust Zinfandel, were all but a distant memory.
The Black Sheep was accompanied, to the mini Vinoland party, by a 2007 Rapscallion (now we're talking, we have several of these in my family)...the Prodigal Son couldn't make it this time - he is holidaying down in Paso Robles.


Vinomaker said...

"Seen it's better days"? I would say that there may have actually been few, if any, of those based upon the balance of this old ewe! It has clearly moved into the mutton group of wines, tough (ie acidic) and flavorless! It was well past time to put it down...the drain!

Vinogirl said...

C'mon Vinomaker, wouldn't ewe have used it even to tenderise an old piece of mutton?